Virtually Indestructible

The key to GreenGate's "Forever Homes" is our ICF Technology - a unique insulated concrete form which allows us to create Net Zero structures in any size or shape which are virtually indestructible. Once poured, the concrete creates a monolithic structure, totally integrated with the foundation, walls and roof. Finally! a building technology that meets today’s needs perfectly, and is only limited by the imagination - the possibilities are endless.


Greater Design Flexibility

Create structures in any size or shape. Our system allows you to build curved walls, free standing decks


Less Cost

Simple is beautiful - and cheap. ICF forms eliminate costly and inefficient wood or plastic and reduces waste.


Better Energy Performance

Completes monolithic envelope of wallsystem and assists insulated thermal mass.


Faster Installation 

Simply slide blocks into place while assembling the walls and pour - no additional forming material required.